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Is organisational culture dead?

Oct 25, 2022 | News

Organisational culture is definitely not dead. However, if you’re working for an organisation that doesn’t have (the right kind of) one, doesn’t value that, doesn’t prioritise that, or frankly has the wrong kind of culture, then you’re in the wrong place. In a post pandemic environment we now have the new challenge of hybrid working and how we can maintain or enhance our organisational culture. Organisational culture, properly defined, properly created, properly managed, is absolutely crucial. Every organisation has a culture, whether it’s purposely designed or happens by default, whether it bubbles up organically from the employees, is inflicted upon them by senior management in the corner office, or anything in between, there is an organisational culture, be it toxic or great. We all agree that culture is a combination from leadership, top down by definition, and organically built up from those who subscribe to that particular leadership model.

When things happen organically by virtue of people’s natural interactions, you have the beginning of a wonderful culture. When that is complementary to the leadership style and the vision of where the leaders want to take the organisation, then you really have a great culture. However, culture by definition may also be poor, bad, negative and it may be absolutely disastrous. Never¬†underestimate the power of culture, and do not underestimate the need for it, nor your contribution to it positively or negatively.

Over the coming months we will discuss this further through our SME Challenge Series. These networking events are a great opportunity to meet the owners and managers of small businesses in the friendly, relaxed atmosphere of The Hilton Hotel. We intend to tackle the challenges around diversity and inclusion in the workplace and the affect it is having on the culture and a gender balance.

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