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Banish the Bah Humbug this Christmas!

Oct 16, 2022 | News

We all know that the corporate Christmas Party is a time for employees to get together with their colleagues and celebrate the end of the year. It is also a time for companies to show appreciation for their employees or senior teams, who have helped them achieve success. It’s that ideal opportunity for everyone to have fun, relax, and enjoy themselves. It’s also a chance to strengthen relationships with colleagues and share some laughs.

The bounce back is on
Two things have happened over the past two years that have led to an increase in bookings for a festive get together. The first is driven by our recovery from the pandemic. There are senior teams that haven’t gotten together to celebrate for well over two years now with events having been cancelled, then cancelled again. So, now we finally have an opportunity to get together to celebrate in style. We’ve also had the issue of broken promises where organisations set about to host a celebration when ‘the time is right,’ but it never was.

Secondly, we are witnessing ongoing recruitment issues across various industries and as such leadership teams are placing more emphasis on the Christmas party than before. Why? Well, staff retention has moved up a gear in importance and organisational culture is now more important than ever. Keeping senior teams together by providing them a real sense of being valued, is more critical. So, the annual festive party is a prime opportunity to re-engage with the workforce by offering a perk of the job that’s tangible, fun and often, less problematic to commit to than other incentives when times are tough. The Christmas party is also about building a bond with your key team. The moment you get together as a senior management group, a connection is made on a different level. As such, employers are recognising the challenges ahead and using the Christmas party as means to reignite their senior team’s commitment and enthusiasm.

How to make sure the event is a success?
Right now, there’s an opportunity to reset, refresh and rethink. You have the perfect set of circumstances to do something completely different by taking a fresh approach to the tired old format. So why not make your senior team feel more important by attending our Christmas Lunch. What do you think they’d enjoy more? A small monetary token that will ‘never satisfy them all’ or a chance to have your undivided attention for a couple of hours in a more relaxed setting. I know where I’d go! Leadership comes from the top down and you are the inspiration that drives your team forward. Why not recognise that you don’t do it alone.